I see the shiny castle
On the mountain top
Surrounded by starry sky
And moon hanging on its pillars
In the bed of puffy clouds
I see the candle light shining
Through the top floor
Narrow windows
And I know I have to find it
In the darkness of the night
I start my journey
That lasts years of despair
Being lost and taking
Wrong paths that lead
To the dead end
But I keep trying
And I see the lights of its
Narrow windows every night
But it seems the castle
Keeps escaping my attempts
And after all those years
Of desperate search
I am nowhere closer
To my destination
In the deepest despair
Of being hopelessly lost
I give up my precious task
And sink into deep exhausted nothingness
Suddenly I see the light again
Much closer than ever
In front of my eyes
I reach my arms and the light
Doesn’t shy away
For the first time
I try once again
And see a bottomless canyon
That separates me from the castle
After so many years of attempts
I no longer fear the darkness
And descend in to the pit
Of running waters
Into the coldness of unknown
Unrecognizable world
That I never encountered before
Emptiness around me
Feels like eternity and
I no longer struggle
I give up into the running waters
But once again suddenly
I feel solid ground under my feet
And I climb the mountain
Till its shiny top
With the wind behind my back
Where the gates of the castle
Are invitingly open
And I step in to the
Magical light
That I was chasing all those
Long years of
Being lost in darkness

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