Casualties and Misfortunes

A resounding wail breaks in the night.
The first bullet is shot ablaze,
announcing a time of relentless gallantry.
Such awful sounds and frightful sights leave a bitter remembrance
Of amity between the present foes.
Casualties of a lost cause rest beneath
the rubble of the enemy's eyes.
Shackled hands and tired feet mend in the humid air,
Held captive by pride and truth that no one aims to renounce.
A battlefield of triumph slowly withers in the midst of sorrow.
There is no compromise;
There is no glory in the defeat.
Deserted dreams and powerful fears have met their demise,
Perished in the fires of the willing.
There are no remains to cherish from this war zone-
Haunting stories and legends steal the night
in a deserted battlefield.

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