'when elephants fight, the grass suffers', goes a popular adage,
This has been a cross for my fragile back to carry,
It began with the mummy and daddy stage,
Now deep in the city, we're like quarry.

Father hates mother so he beats Kira with a broom,
Two years old Kira grows blind and loon,
Father runs away never to be seen,
Mother cries and dies for she depended on him.

One clash between South, East, West and North,
I am in the market begging for alms,
Big men match in with boots and guns,
We are either killed or forced to bear arms.

I have seen women and girls raped,
I have seen the dead bodies of my mates,
I have seen big strong men get maimed,
They have all taught me how lives get played.

So I kneel to pray today,
Heal our land, dear father!
Save all children that are casualties of war!

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Children should inherit a beautiful future not be forced to be spoils of war. 'Let's make this world a better place for our children and our children's children' - MJ. Kindly like, comment and share this poem with your contacts. Thank you.