Casualty of war

Entering the day he was young
everything inspired by desire and family
The young man goes on doing what is told
Showing that he is there for a purpose
Acting as though it is all normal
The young man excels
Showing potential to all around him
Advancing to lead he is put in a platoon
he is young and vibrant, youthful and loving
time goes on, he has been in war
he has seen death, friend and foe
he ends 56 in a year, those are the only shown
His face is dull, his heart is gone
he has only emptiness inside
Now afraid of himself, what he is and what he did
His eyes close, only to see death
unable to sleep he blocks it out
Feeling that he has nothing inside takes the tole
He feels nothing but pain
His soul has become the casualty
the casualty of a young man
the casualty of war, his life is different
The life he once knew is gone
He fears that he will be unwanted
He is the true casualty of war.

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