A cat named Cat,
In a house of love,
Raised around dogs,
Is a dog named Cat,
In a house of love.

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This Poems Story

So I was around 2 When my family got me my first dog. I loved that dog so much! Soon we more and more dogs, at one point I remember having over 12 dogs alone. But after a while they slowly died out. Than we only had one dog, Modi. I remember not wanting anymore dogs for a while, so one day my mother surprised me by bringing home a cat. (this was huge considering she hated cats.) it was about 3 months old, (just weened) and had that cute innocent look all kittens do. But! When I named her I guess she didn't like the name, I had named her Nova, but she never answered to the name. My sister got fed up with it, and just called her Cat after a while. Little did we know, our little rescue dog Mo had been raised by cats! So they got on fine, until Cat started getting older... She lost a few of her cat qualities and instead gained some dog traits. Now she has never barked (thank god, I'd have to make a trip to the vet if that happened) but she definitely was no longer a cute innocent kitten, but a vicious cat chaser instead, it was quite funny to see our neighbors cat is stuck in a tree, but she grew on my mother after that, and I am thankful for that because now she lives in a loving home but she is no longer a cat like she was meant to be. No, she is a dog named Cat.