Catching the dragon

I got a dragon in my head from the center eye
All the way down the tail of the inner spine
The wings are awake and my mind is starting to take flight
As I rise a soul once lost to a spiritual but trapped dreaming devide
A light with a heart that feens to find
What’s the true range and measure of my natural born inner sight
My chained but now freedoms flight
From the depths to the surface light
All the scales start to make more sense than the outward feelings that keep locking me in
I see from the ground but begin to accent
As my dragon wakes up my inner layers of a higher view gaining new perspectives into my natural vision
I was an outward visit
Now my imagination is free again so I’m a natural dream with no limits
A true pilot of my own destiny not just a sit in
A rose not just another rise to find my collective insight escaping personal prison
My passion to be me but not on feet always in Fight for flight
The voice to speak the beast but never monster inside
Something I’m proud of not something I’d ever wanna hide
My soul is a dragon inside my mind
I’m good to the core but I’m sharp so remember try and catch me sleeping I just might bite
Respect what I spell down when I’ve climbed so high
Never forget I’m beauty but a true dragon within
So be u sun or be u sin I’m awake and this souls never gonna rest again

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This Poems Story

Depth of a poets depth and equated collective tap where the shallows shell breaks thru discipline until personal then eye for an eye meets first met impressions first step in foundation of respect