I love my cats I do, I do.
When this is over so will you.
They bounce and play all through the day,
Then eat and sleep the night away.
They're furry and they're cuddly too.
Sometimes they even sleep with you.
I have five total, none the same,
And now I'll teach you all their names.
There's Baby, she was first to come
Then Nali he's the second one.
Indie is a grouchy lady And Milo is a little lazy.
Lily is the newest one.
I'm sure there's more where she came from.
I'll tell you what they look like now,
They're all unique and this is how.
Baby is a tortoise shell
She's black and brown with a skinny tail.
Nali's black and white and fluffy.
He likes it when you scratch his tummy.
Indie, she's a Russian blue.
She purrs and thinks she speaks to you!
Milo is the orange one.
He's odd but he's a ball of fun.
Lily is a grey Maine coon.
We love her to the sun and moon.
Those are all five of my cats, Now what do you think of that?

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