Caught Up

By Da Poet   

DO NOT be consumed by this swine
that which the media feeds to you
All cluttered with negative vibes
to unravel and congest your mind

Leading you
persuading you
to believe
that which is not
you have been deceived

Brainwashed with all of this firth
our minds rapidly running on tilt
I’ve come to the conclusion
it’s just an illusion to make us think

One way when it’s another
systematic hypnotic control
walking around like robots
without a living soul

I won’t get caught in this mess
the hypocrisy the rhetoric I detest
searching for those streets of gold
looking for good and a heavenly robe

Believing in one’s self
when no one else will
for a higher purpose you were meant
and for a higher calling we must repent

Find your way out of the fog
casting your faith wind
and pray to the One which you belong
and live free

Free from the world
free from the filth
free from this cesspool
cluttered with sin

And begin
and just


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