Cause I Really Never Left

Saw you crying at my wake, sat beside you as you wept,
You cried 'cause I was gone but I really never left.

The priest led a lovely service; I sat by your chair,
That brief chill that made you shiver--I sent it there.

I stood beside you as they carried me to the hearse
The birds sang a song for you; I taught them the verse.

I whispered your name; it wasn't an insanity wave,
I was with you in the limo, as they drove to my grave.

The cemetery was so peaceful; I was there with you,
The breeze that ruffled your hair--I sent it too.

Dinner at the church was lovely; I was near your chair,
Your fork fell to the floor--'twas I who sent it there.

When everyone had gone, & you were at our home alone,
I filled all the rooms, with the scent of my cologne.

I'm still beside you; I watch over you nights & days,
My body's at rest but my spirit's with you always.

For I'm your guardian angel, watching you from above,
'Til we meet again, I'll find ways to show my love.

Watch for little signs upon your cheek; a light kiss,
A breeze, a scent or a touch; these tell you I'm amiss.

Do not waste time crying, feeling so down & bereft,
I am still here with you, 'cause I really never left.

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