‘Cause You’re Just Only 3

Your mom will save this card 'till you're at least 23
Well .. that is, if she's anything like me
And your mom, what else can I say
She's thoughtful and pretty and smart as can be

Known your dad since he was 3 years younger than you
Hard working, he's all about the red, white and blue
Boy Scout, football, college - career, navy, Iraq
A fine young man, he's 24 karat all the way through

Grandpa is my best friend, a nicer man is hard to find
He's generous and funny and oh so kind
So ask for a ride on his boat
'Cause you know, he's always got fishing on his mind

His parents travelled 'cross oceans just to be free
Starting all over with just hope and tenacity
And now there is You
With so much future to tackle, 'cause you're just only 3

Lea, I'm only 60 now and one day when you turn 23
I'll be 80, and if still around, will be able to see
That you have blossomed
Into the fine young lady you are destined to be

There's not much to fall back on 'cause you're just only 3
But already there's a long rich and diverse history
My wish is this
That you listen, learn and love, so you can live happily

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