I have always had a love of words, so many ways to express how I feel.
A way to share my anguish, my rapture, my emptiness or occasional zeal.
To verbalize the gargantuan size of this gaping whole inside my chest.
To theorize the cause of my demise and my brokenness I can attest.
You floated in on a cloud of ease and my solitary heart you quickly seized.
You play a treacherous game, like vultures on heart's you feed.
But knowing nothing of kindness only mindnumbing greed.
Like a fawn I was your prey and very much to my dismay.
My was left torn and broken to Rory and decay.
So here I will lye rithing to rott and wither away.
While you move on to your next conquest in this foul game you play.
But with my final moment's I will write a warning to all that you may stumble upon.
Beware of this man of hallowness he wears a mask for all of his goodness is gone.
So if you think he is near do not teary, or dally, run.
Or you to my sweet will surly like me, be undone.

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