Caution Needed with Fairytales

People describe places as their fairytale place,
but places aren't what they seem.
New York City may be a fairytale to you,
but not to someone who lives there.

The man of your dreams,
well he could turn out to have some flaws.
Oh, and the woman you thought was perfect,
she will never think so.

Beauty, love, perfection are all,
They are all sugar-coated pain and always will be.
Perfection is unattainable.
We can all try, but in the end all it does is give...
Pain is gain, but not here.
Here pain is what perfection causes,
yet also what hurts a shed of perfection.

The kids hear a fairytale and act it out.
He is the prince
she is the princess,
but they should no their love wont last.

It was all just a fairytale.

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