Celebrate life

Struggles trains us to learn and survive
And bring life into different vibe
Perils and problems are not on prescribe
But it builds you strong to describe

Life may not match as thoughts arrive
But it gives you every chance to revive
It will take strange turns as u drive
But be brave and take everything in ur strive

Live in hope and pause to think and thrive
Let not ego And arrogance leave you deprive
It's good and graceful to take a moment to shrive
Take heart as it won't let your life to rive

Learn from everything and don't b naive
Don't let any negatives force u to dive
Just count your blessing and love ur hive
b happy and celebrate for staying alive.
Note : my pen name is dhilla Sam and full name K dhilla Samson kumar

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    This Poems Story

    2017 year was the toughest year for me Depressed defeated and in debt ...life was moving nowhere ....finally I realized it was just a phase .I learnt lot of thing which I couldn't learn in normal situation of life ..This poem is my experience in 2017