Unclaimed by any stretch of land
Facing brick walls of communities and acceptances
Deriving from somewhere many people do not understand
Years of conformity and ritual
Shunned for individuality
Embodiment of the freedom many long for
Peering around corners and listening through walls
Tiptoeing in regards to those whom I’d long ago associated with
a glass jar of information, most of which will never escape my intellect
Water engulfing every visible edge and swallowing it whole
Coals nuzzled in a bed of invisibility, only discovered if touched
Layers of phrases spoken out of hatred, fixed into a ghost
Compiled letters in the office of a deceased being
the shell of a crustacean
Sunlight pouring through the curtains as the evening draws to an end
Shimmering emeralds where there once was only dull tones
Unclassified wealth found beneath surfaces lit by no light
Daybreak screaming across the starlit sky
Unclaimable, ethereal, divine

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