Celluloid Fright

"Help me," shrieked THE FLY with the human head
Eight-legged death was approaching
as he struggled, trapped in a spider web

There's horrors all around,
there's horrors everywhere
Close your eyes if you must,
if you do easily scare

No one can hear you scream in space as an ALIEN attack
A face-hugger with acid for blood
will cocoon you for a birthing snack

There's horrors within and without,
there's horrors lurking about
Bite your lip if you must,
to keep from screaming out

Be prepared daily when it's THE NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD
With flesh eating zombies on the prowl,
your undead sister will try to eat your bowels

There's horrors near and far,
there's horrors above and below
Clasp your chest if you must,
to help your heart beat slow

Of unknown origin is THE THING with no name
It can imitate any life form it absorbs,
if it gets you alone, it will imitate yours

There's horrors ancient and old,
there's horrors fresh and new
Hold your nose if you must,
if the smell of fear sickens you

Don't attempt to befriend a real monster FRANKENSTEIN
Your noble effort may result in your demise
There's horrors among us,
everywhere in this world
Believe me, there's more than enough to suffice

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