Cerebral Bruise

When they say things
that test your emotions,
they leave a small bruise
that sets you in motion.

This bruise doesn't heal,
it doesn't stop hurting;
and your mental standpoint
just won't stop reversing.

Was it you that was wrong,
that made the mistake?
Were you the reason why
you were cursed with this headache?

But now you can't change
the things that you said,
and the pain that you're feeling
makes you wish you were dead.

Your brain is exploding,
and it can't tell what's what.
Your mind is screaming,
and it's invisible lips will not shut.

This is what happens
when words leave a bruise,
and the others that surround you
partake in this ruse.

Cerebral injuries,
lead to institution time.
Just imagine how it would be,
if you hadn't lost your mind.

Though, now it's too late,
there is no changing
this mental state;
it is forever unchanging.

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