Cerulean Spirit and Ivory Soul

See the way the wind and water flow,
View the beauty in what the show,
Blue nymphs tumbling, fumbling, and playing,
White wisps dancing, prancing, and swaying.
Feel their pain and power, too,
From the way they speak to you.

Feel the current of the waves,
Note the souls that they save.
For it brings lost souls to shore,
Where with their loved ones, united once more.
Hear the music of the ocean,
Let it calm you with its emotion.
Sense the way the cool wind blows,
As it tells you all it knows.
Hear the wisdom from its age,
Let it calm the greatest rage.
Secrets lost to all of humankind,
Are hidden there while we remain blind.

But be wary, little mortal,
For these ancient spirits are immortal.
If you mock or forget their great might,
Get down on your knees and pray to last through the night.
Harsh, biting steel, rough liquid moonfire,
Take care to act right to escape their great ire.

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