Chain reaction

I’ve got a knife in my heart and a gun to my head.
Scream shoot and I could be dead.
I want to be lying on the floor but I still need more.
I need the blood.
I need the cuts.
Or I just might go nuts.
It’s too late for that.
It’s too late to remember.
That’s when I realized it was my finger on the trigger.
What will they say if I died today?
Not much of a concern.
I just wish I could burn.
They tell me to be strong.
They tell me to fight.
Too bad, because now all I’m fighting for is the light.
They will say I wasn’t old enough to die.
But only because they wanted their goodbye.
Little did they know I had an old soul.
I didn’t say, I knew they couldn’t save me anyway.
As I take my final breath, I’ll know it’s for the best.
My father runs in.
He knows what’s happened.
His baby girl took her life away.
He’s hopeless so he does the same.
It’s all just a chain reaction.
And tomorrow it will be like nothing happened.

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