They keep me locked up, hidden, trapped,
Only darkness surrounds
and the whispers that tells me what to believe.
They leave cuts and bruises around my wrists and ankles
from the constant struggle to break free,
the lies that surround me and there is a thirst to prove myself.
But the chains,
They do not rest until I am tired and too beaten to move,
My mind tries to escape, to go to the happiest place I can imagine,
yet even imagination is not strong enough for this.
My body sore and my mind so exhausted
of being whipped and trained into
believing only one thing.
They take the smallest glimpse of light or hope
and consume is in front of me making me watch every painful moment.
The whispers get louder and louder.
Not strong enough, not fast enough, not good enough.
I struggle and I scream for an escape yet no one can hear.
Only the scars which seem to be getting deeper and deeper,
as I try to escape from the chains.

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