Being kept in chains
in a room with only a small window showing nothing serene
but it was my only source of light
for replacing the image before me with a projection lit by my mind,
played out scenarios that towards my heart inclined

my mind knew colors,
they would pass by my little window now and then
brightening my silly scenarios adding life to them
twirling, dancing, and acting out the scene I choreographed at my own whim

sometimes I would reach out to feel
afterwards coming to realize that none of it is real
glancing up I see the projection from my brain
reaching upwards with a sigh full of pain
my arms stop suddenly within the grasp of the chains

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This Poems Story

This poem is meant to express the feeling of growing up isolated from the world with only your thoughts and the happiness of other's lives to keep you company. Being bound to this figurative room where you can only get away from by dreaming, makes you desire for them to be real, but the "chains" ,which may take the form of a person, yourself even, is holding, or held, you back from experiencing that happiness you desire.