I’m shackled in chains,
unable to free myself.
in the darkness.

Craving freedom, I speak up.
The chains that are holding me loosened .
I crack a smile,
as I saw the glimpse of light.

However, as expected,
the tall darkness comes from behind,
with it’s eyes of destruction and pain.
Push’s me back into my chains.
Pulling on them tighter.

As my wrists are bleeding and tears start to fall,
the tall darkness over shadows me.
Without showing any mercy,
it walks away pretending everything is fine.

As the blood from my wrists keep flowing
and my empty stomach keeps hurting,
the room starts spinning.
But then I saw a glimpse of light,
but it wasn’t the same one as before.

As I slowly close my eyes,
the light got bigger.
And there was never going back,
to that dark place ever again.

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