He was finally waking up to an unrevealing location.
It was a strange, forbidding room with an eerie stare.
Whispers from the mysterious chair navigated through his vibration.
His curious pupils were searching for an escape, the extant walls were aware.
Plasma wires and veins were entangled within the lair.
Valves were connected like a steady, hushed heart beat.
Peculiar, unknown pigments shaped the aura surrounding the chair.
A vibrant nebula scattered around the seat.
The sight gave an alluring presence.
Everything began to feel complete.
The confident chair held such proper elegance,
Royalty wouldn't even dare defeat.
The walls displayed dull coloration against the blessedness.
The ceiling held many bright stars, constellations were blinking.
Dark night protected the telepathic chair.
Fragments of purple liquid were closely circling its thinking.
The universe of the room spaced out to be bowing to its glorified prime.
A flat disc soared around the chair with a holographic identity, Time Machine.
No parallel year observed when it was invented, galaxies sparked everlasting sequence of time.
Decision quickly defrosted, he sat down before he breathed from the bright scheme.
A comet of tranquility traveled through his conception
He endured relaxation, nirvana became clear.
Infinite trailings of a voyage were sailing to his inception.
A deep male voice requested a year.
Future was a great gift to envision.
One hundred and seventy years had attached to his reasoning.
Where would he travel from oblivion.
2185 was his greeting.

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