By Jayke   

It's 2 am now.. I called her by pay phone the last quarter I had in my pocket connected us for mere minutes.. with the tone and sounds in the background, I knew I had just 5 minutes to say it all

I thought as quick as I could and told her I loved her.. then, now and forever.. her response was one that dived into us as human beings, where we were and who we'd be.. I knew our time would end and what I wanted to say would not be heard.

I jumped quick and said: I will forever and for always be everything and anything, in the darkest and absolute brightest, all that you will ever need.. I thought frantically... but it came, so simply.. so truthfully.. so... abjectly

Her response was less than humble, her curiosity moved the time as she questioned this and that.. I had no response. I wanted to repeat what I had just said, but knew the time was running short..

Instead, I took a short breath, cleared myself of everything, and in the last remaining seconds, I said: "You will and for always make me a better person, the person I want to be, is the person you want to be. Whether or not we see it now, what separates, IS what binds us.. just know where I am nor will never reflect where I want us to b..."

The phone cut short, and I was left alone with a request for Change did not have.. my heart sank... I walked the block for at least and hour.. I collected that change to fulfill that promise..

My work still continues every day.. I run around collecting that change..But that love has evolved, as the work I put in, always remembering; the lack of what's received.

I will create an empire out of nothing, and  upon the nothing, I will place that castle, and finally, I will be able to finish what was needed to be said; as the phone disconnected and we begin again, at the time of 5 minutes and 1 second.

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Fear and overcoming. Life and it's acceptance. We are here, we make mistakes, the glue of our life is what binds us to the fabric of life