Chameleon, the cleanest of all
All he has, are different suits
Green suit he wears
During wars to appear like peace owner
Yet his prayer is to get a prey
He wears white suit during the day
And black suit during the night
Then walks menacingly like an ailing
To make others less cautious
Yet his prayer is to conquer
When he senses an ordeal,
He turns to brown suit
To hide from the reality
For others should suffer,not him.

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This Poems Story

The title \"Chameleon\" depicts the hypocritical nature of human beings witnessed in their daily interactions within the society. Humans have different faces and intentions which they change to in order to meet their insatiable demands. They do not care when they hurt other people so long as they meet their needs. \"For others should suffer, not him\" The pretence is highly upheld in the society that helps promote such vices.