You are a bottle of champagne
Your eyes are golden
Just like your skin
Your voice bubbles to the top of your throat
And your mouth tastes like the stars.
But at the end of every sip is the sharp bite of alcohol
The thorn on the stem of a rose.
Every touch comes with a price
Still I drink your last drop
my mind becomes foggy
My decisions are yours
Then suddenly we're going 70 on a 45 dirt road
The next thing i know im on the couch and you're screaming at me
Wake up, bitch wake up wake up wake up
Sometimes i like to think the bruises you leave behind are the colors of the sunset
They're beautiful with the promise of sweet release
Or that they are the sunrise, yelling to remind me it's a new day
It can get better
But i know it won't
I drown myself in the way you taste, the way your champagne words slide down my throat
To distract myself from how your knuckles made of steel sting when they hit my cheek
Or how your new leather boots crunch when they hit my ribs
But maybe its not the boots that are cracking.
Maybe its me
Not only have you broken my bones but you have broken my spirit
My resolve is shattered along with my mind.
But i will continue to drink your lies
Until the end of time
Because without you i am nothing

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I usually write most of my poems for spoken word so keep that in mind.