I am a champion, brave and bold.
I'm constantly fighting for what I believe.
I may be young, I may be old,
But I will not stand here and grieve.

I am a champion, standing triumphant.
Sometimes I may lose but that's okay,
I get back up and fight harder anyway.
I try not to let my troubles stand in my way.

I am a champion, strong and swift.
Sometimes I need to lift the weight off my back,
But even then I try not to slack.
I always try to find my way back.

I am a champion, fighting and winning,
The little battles of life,
And the smaller ones too.
I am a champion, I am you.

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This Poems Story

Writing is how I deal with life's everyday chaos. After being bullied in middle school and losing my aunt to suicide, writing "Champion" helped me focus on never giving up. My hope is that this poem will inspire others to continue to have hope and hold on no matter what. Only you can be the champion of your life!