Definitely not
It ain't going down
Not like this
I'll fight, you won't bring me to the ground
What, what did you say
I'd watch your words
You'll start a game you don't want to play
I'm Stronger, Braver
I won't back down or stop
This is my attitude
My mentality is Warped
I'm psycho, I'm crazy
Maybe even insane
I'm extraordinarily excellent
I'm anything but plain
Step up, try me
I'm always ready to fight
Losing isn't an option
Only winning is in my sight
I feel like a champ
I'll do everything to survive
What I've learned from life is
You either come out dead or alive

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This Poems Story

I was struggling with life and past choices trying to rise above and having life knock you down a few too many times I developed a self fight attitude towards life and it's obstacles