Chandrayan 3 - The pride of India

In the face of failure, they stood tall and strong,
Chandrayaan 3, a triumph over what went wrong.
With unwavering resolve, they reached for the sky,
In their quest to explore, they reached new highs.

Through endless nights and countless hours they toiled,
Dedicated minds and expertise, unspoiled.
Their hard work and persistence, a beacon of light,
Guiding them through challenges, day and night.

Chandrayaan 3, a treasure trove of moon's lore,
Unlocking its secrets, forever to explore.
Inspiring the youth with dreams anew,
To reach for the stars, to aim for the blue.

As an Indian, our hearts swell with pride,
For this achievement, we cannot hide.
Chandrayaan 3's success, a moment to cheer,
In the grand cosmic dance, we're all pioneers here.

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This Poems Story

I extend my warmest congratulations to India on the remarkable achievement of Chandrayan-3’s soft and successful landing on the south pole of the Moon.We are proud and respect all the scientists and here I express my pride moment with this poem.