I feel a thorn and it’s buried deep,
Why does my life have to feel so steep,
I’m tangled up in these twisted webs,
And I feel like I’m caught up in these endless ebbs,
Hope washes away,
As the darkness leads me astray,
I lose my flame,
Nothing will ever be the same,
I collapse in the dark,
As I feel pain like that from a shark,
I think to myself why,
Am I left all alone to cry,
The pain scrapes away,
I feel it every day,
It never ends,
Nothing mends,
I feel so lost,
Life came with such a cost,
I begin to fall,
I lost it all,
That one day,
When everything went grey,
But the I see a light,
And hear “don’t worry, it will be alright.”
I feel the warmth embrace me,
I finally start to feel some glee,
The darkness begins to fade away,
And I no longer have any pain to pay,
I’m finally free from my shackles,
And now I can hear it as it loudly crackles,
I thank the lord for answering my prayer,
And showing me someone does care,
I smile as I’m taken by the light,
No longer having to feel this blight,
So thank you all,
For answering my call,
So I can lay,
On a peaceful day

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