This pain what confusion dissolution the ailment within.
Is strength the prize, my own plaque to hang for my ego.
This detachable shadow, is all my brethren wish to conversate
It begins at birth with the parental misguidance,
confusion instilled through thousands of years of mental abuse
and strive for victory
Why and when has the greed and hate
taking the place of love and passion
The purest nectar XTC, in my blood
stops the day my questions cease to exist
Our questions remain memories
Our struggles begin to erase,
the serpent's skin we stop making love to
Never simultaneously will I let the weakness turn the love
One falls from the unknowing five
Which in turn flows to the powerful seven
And so the resurrection shall begin
Stability changes to an energy being scratched
The opening closes only to be kissed by kali ma
The cries of pain and struggle give a new color to the light
Atmospheres change along with emotions,
from emotions pain is confronted three times the reluctancy
From this comes strength only felt for brief periods of time,
now it's who we are, we create this through our love for each other
We are now immortal and change is welcomed
The dragon is free to roam, our pet, our equal through eyes
Our teacher through acknowledgement
We walk alone in the world we do not belong to
yet try to open with a positive energy that is only condemn
That is only felt through a trance that should be eternal

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