The swift wind that sends the windmill turning
That powers the city
Or the hurricane that makes the windmill fall
And leaves the city powerless
The city may be set back
But the wind keeps blowing
Other windmills keep turning
So build another, maybe two
But if they chose to say no more
And try to stop the wind from blowing
Building walls so high, they touch the sky
Just for the small protection
Opportunity blows by chipping the wall
Yet the city ignores it
And continues stay in the same spot that it began
The wind blows harder and walls begin to crack
Yet the city doesn't notice
They refuse to think of anything beyond the walls
With one last storm the wall falls
Leaving the city more devastated than when the simple windmill fell
They find the world beyond has become something they never imagined
Yet they try to build the wall again and fail
Don't be the city where fear of the wind rules
Don't let one windmill stop you
Embrace the sweet wind, much is yet to come
Welcome to the new world of change

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