Tragedy strikes at Pulse, a gay night club where
Alton Sterling fatally shot
Officer Matthew Gerald fatally shot
French city of Nice mourning
Protesters and police clash as
And in the midst of all the pain and destruction there was a girl.
A girl that longed to be loved by someone that could promise forever.
But that girl was introduced to reality.
A reality where people change, emotions change, and settings change.
Nothing would ever stay the same forever.
Especially love.
And she learned the hard truth.
The people she grew up with were different.
Jump ropes and happy songs were replaced.
Replaced by shouting and picket signs.
Her world was not and never would be stable.
It was beyond unsteady and so messy with nothing to grab onto.
Because eventually everything moved on or broke.
She lived in a never ending earthquake struggling to adapt.
But she didn't understand that it didn't matter.
It didn't matter how positive she stayed with this news.
Because while everything around her continued to change
Pain and destruction would always remain.

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