Change ain’t come yet at least not for us
We still sit in the back of the bus
Because laws were changed but minds were not
We still called the N' word behind our backs allot
Brother Martin said nonviolence and justice it will bring peace
Dred Scott tried that and was told he not even a citizen so in
court he can’t even speak
Brother Malcolm said, “Stand your ground and fight back if a man touch you”
Nat Turner tried that and he ran out of luck too
We can yell and we can hold guns but the government not in our favor
Because if we read them our rights they will change the law later
We fought to eat in their restaurants and they just called them private
So you see the law did not change anything I watched Remember the Titans
They love to see us talk so they voted for Barack
But Stokely was saying the same thing but had to hide unless he wanted
to get shot
So I do not see why we get so shocked when we read about Trayvon
When you know the story of Emmett and how that trial was won
They ask me if I’m mad, I say, “Yea, but what can I do about it
When my own people tell me to just forget about it
Because they seen the efforts of Huey, Angela Davis, and Marcus Garvey too
But they know when Thomas, Benjamin and John got together
Negro they was not thinking about you

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