Life takes tolls and turns
When we least expect it to
Sometimes good, sometimes bad
But once done, can hardly ever be reversed
Perhaps a talent uncovers or one dies
Perhaps a fortune found or one lost
Perhaps a future bright becomes a dark void
Or one dark becomes bright
It eludes the eye, to see its waves
But still victims suffer or rejoice in whatever the wind brings
To live without? Impossible
An unpredictable fate awaits you at every corner of your life

Today, you are you
Tomorrow, you are someone else
And as the days go on, you keep changing
From good to bad,
From better to worse, or vice versa
Forever changing, that's the way of the world
It changes and so do we
Always, never ending change
That's life's nature,
No matter how much despised,
Nature cannot be compelled
Change is ever

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