Stand Here
On the Corner
Of Madison Avenue
Thinking about my life
and suddenly it all makes sense now,
why things happen and why things change,
just like that, unexpected and so fast and
there's nothing you can do to stop it from
changing everything, for better or for worst and you must
be able to adjust, even when it seems near impossible to.
But remember, change can bring new opportunities,
new chances, new everything but
change can also ruin everything you had , and make
it something you wish didn't
happen, but everything happens for a reason,
and everything has purpose, so use these
things and cherish them, because you never know
when it might be gone for forever.
Make everyday count, be kind, work hard, you've
heard it all before, but really do it.
Cherish the people in your life and treat them
well because any day could be their last.
Don't be afraid of change,for it is leading you
to what you were meant to do forever.
There will come a time in your life where you'll
have to choose between what you want and really need.
So never waste your whole life trying to get back
what was taken away because it's gone for a reason.

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