It’s hard to laugh when no one smiles
It is difficile to shine bright with no light
The sun eaten away by the black hole
It’s excruciatingly painful to attempt to speak with no voice
Mouth sewn shut tight, only silence audible from me
I can’t find the light
The earth is under constant cloudburst
Mournful tone and dead nerves
The silence is deafening
I question why it has to be this way
Every day is the same
Indefinite amounts of repetition
It’s almost as if a piece of this family dies everyday
Mother has lost her ears,
she hears nothing and the screen takes her away from reality
Children and husband become blurred
Only muffled mumbles
Father has become blind
Eyes are sewn shut as like a doll
He doesn’t see the pain felt by his first and second
One has lost the ability to feel
The belligerent atmosphere asphyxiates me
It’s so hard to smile with the absence of a mouth
Or laugh without a voice
How can I focus on my issues when all I can hear are yours?
The accusations and harsh tone
Exchanged by partners
The aura of indignation on both
I’d rather be deaf than have to listen to our angry, agitated
Nauseating voices
Even sister cannot simper genuinely
Your voice makes me cringe
And everything I hate about you, moves into him
You two are briskly becoming the same person and I hate it
The joy in this house has for years, been slowly deteriorating
But now it disintegrates with haste
I feel as though it will always be the same
Not a family
Rather, a group of people who live in the same dwelling

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