I’m at the helm
My boat is lost at sea

I can only see
Three feet in front of me

Violent waves
Come crashing down
They peak and swell
Quake and crown

I struggle to hold on

I roll on ‘til I reach a crest
My heart tries to escape my chest
The ship wants to go down…..

The wheel, it spins
The wheel it turns
The water underneath me churns

No matter what that wheel does now
The storm has all control

Salty water stings my face….
Evidence it could erase
My existence with a splash

But I will not act rash

I struggle through the midst to reach
A steady hold that will not breach

Back in school, they didn’t teach
How to weather storms of change

I search for land….
It’s out of range
A sudden quell, a bit estranged

Prepared for death…….. capsized

I come to peace with man and God
Forgive me all, on whom I’ve trod
So say a silent prayer

Letting go
A moment, just
My body
Cross the deck is thrust

My lungs awash with salt, a liquid tomb

I cough and spew….
a will to live, at once

throughout my mortal frame

“Forgive me God!
I want to live”
The ship bobs upward
Like a sieve

The water slips away

The mast
A sturdy grip
I hold on to my
Sinking ship

Until the gale
Blows by

The squall soon calms
And liquid pearls
Seem to shimmer
And unfurl
Tranquil, whole…. And free

Seems the sea….
Indifferent and Untouched…..
by my humanity…..

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