I was never this way until I met you.Damn man what the
hell did you do? Turning me into a monster like that.
There was a time I laughed and smiled,well haven't done

that in awhile. I don't like the person you made me. What the hell,now Im crazy. Always hateful then you get called a Bitch, keep it up and they will find you in a ditch. I'd like to find the girl I was then, looks like I messed up again, so what else is new? I'll get called a stupid Bitch and a screw you.Well screw you mother fucker go back under the rock you crawled out of stay.Your a sorry ass but you will deny it and lie about it. I hate you for making me like you,so go to hell you fat baboon! Why did you pick me? So many to choose. Those girls would get fucked and get a little more loose! I wish you would just disappear and return from where you came.Your always thinking its a game, you win every time and me I lose. So fucking over it your screwed up attitude. Im saying tootaloo my darling, I should of waited on Prince Charming!

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