We used to be the best
Of friends, close and just
Like siblings, nothing

Could tear us apart:
Or so I thought until
She came into the picture,

Or rather, into your heart.
And I didn't want her to
Take my place in your

Life, but of course she
Had to change you- not
For the better, but for the

Worse because after she
Ditched you, you became
Sour. And you had turned

Into someone that I had
Never ever known. And a
Part of this did hurt a lot

Because I didn't want her
To love you back in the
First place. But I couldn't

Stop you because if I did,
I would have to tell you that
I- yes I- loved you too.

But I valued our friendship
So I let you fall down and get
Hurt and bear scars, for at

That time I was mad at you for
Never loving me back. And no,
Don't think for a minute that it

Was your fault. It was all mine.

I didn't know you well afterwards.

I don't know you now.

And I don't think I'll know you ever.

I knew it had to hurt a lot when
She left you for someone else
And when I left you because

I was mad- a childish anger-
Something almost worthless
But it was priceless to me-

I wanted you to feel as much
Pain as I had felt from you,
So think of it as a type of

Revenge. Just a deep, hurting
Kind of revenge. And still,
Through my revenge, there was

Something that led me back
To the days where we laughed,
To the days where we smiled,

To the days where I knew you-
Not the you now- but the you
Then. I knew I still loved you

In my heart. But my head demanded
For me to hate you and I- for once,
Listened to my head- because my head?

Was right. And you- you weren't for me.
You were wrong. And when I started to
Talk to you again, I saw just how much

You changed, how much you hated, how
Bad she was for you, and I asked myself:
How could she? But how could you?

How could you have not?

Not have loved- or even cared- about me?

But yes, how did I ever fall- ever like- you?

A devil? A devil such as you. A trap. A death trap.

I regret it all.

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This Poems Story

From a girl's perspective where she loves a boy who loves her best friend but steps aside so that he can find true happiness.