We all have the right to live
It’s written out on a decree
We as a democracy should be enforcing this basic human right yet still people live in fright
But yet in this world there’s always a plea
A plea for help longing for equality and safety
Why can’t we all open our eyes and see that this world we live in isn’t as happy as it seems
We chose to ignore and be blind to the issues we face
We can’t erase the tragic events that have taken place
People from a variety of nationalities face hardships and discrimination
Where students can’t get the education they’re entitled to because of the constant fear of school shootings
The shed of blood must come to an end!
When will it all stop?
That’s the thing. We all wait for change to happen.
We let others serve as a sacrifice, they pay the price for those of us who refuse to open our eyes to reality
Thousands of lives taken, many innocent children not given the chance to experience life fully.
Don’t wait for change to happen, be the change.

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This poem is about the recent gun violence in America as well as LGBTQ+ rights.