By Maggie   

Caught up in problems
so lost in darkness
maybe to young,
to be caught in all the

So scared, to see
what is next,
so under there,
you'll miss the rest.

If you missed out,
you could jump back in,
choose a different rout,
with a lonely man,
made out of tin.

People seem to stay the same
for someone not worthy.
Someone to take them away,
and left on the side with a
loosing jersey.

You wish they would change,
turns out, we are all the same.
Left alone with nothing but rage.
And you write it on every page,
and now your heart,
is the only thing to blame.

People only change if they want to
see fit to need to.
Out here with nothing to do,
but keep hurting them,
but to you?
It's normal,
now nothing, is

Potions taken to fall,
fall in so fast,
in a trans,
don't know when it will end,
seems to always last.

If a heart so meek,
so strong,
but mind so weak,
would it be willing to change,
to be strong enough
to stand upon that stage,
to laugh and not be called
To laugh and not feel
a far wall between,
what's real, and what's fake?

Would this mind change?
How many steps do you have to take,
before in your heart,
you start to grow pains?

Would you change,
if you were asked
to make a scale,
set out your range.
To make a graph,
to then set it out,
then look to laugh,
hear to cry,
And make an even longer path,
To wake to listen,
think to feel,
And you'll know in an instant,

You will know they are real.

So do you change?
Do you know how far,
before they call you strange?
Take fate, to place it in
a star.
To shine so bright,
in a world afar.

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This Poems Story

It was when my boyfriend broke up with me and I am kinda explaining how people never change.