As I gather my breath slowly, I take a sip of water
I throw away the evidence and put on my fake smile
I write a letter to my mom and apologize for not being a good daughter
I decided not to give it to her, It goes in my failure file
The old me is gone but im praying she’ll be back
I regret everything i have done
I cry as I come to the decision to pack my belongings in a sack
It’s not the way to go but it’s time i go on a run
I'm not wanted here
They want me to go away
I got a call from the grim reaper, he says my death is near
If i don't change the way I am, i'm going to pay
I’m calling out to the old me
That's the change i need

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This Poems Story

The choices I was making in life steered me down the wrong path. I was rude and I was suffering. I needed to find the old, true me.