Everything remains the same,
All while It Is constantly changed,
Self inflicted pain but who Is really to blame?

Human weaknessess get exploited by the built up pressures of life,
Everyone manifests them differently but the results are all the same.
We try and resist our triggers day after day as we must but sooner or later the urges begin to fester.

The mere fact of it feeling wrong does not hinder the ability of human perserverance,
If only we could have such determination towards all of lifes challenges,
What is it inside of us that allows this to happen?
How is it possible to be so focused and determined toward these well known bad decisions?
Yet, we are so easily distracted when striving for our goals and aspirations.
It's as if our subconcious is always trying to sabotage and destroy us.
And ponder the thought of ones own mind secretly destroying itself from within.
Like a self destruct button set off when we became self aware of being alive.
A true yin and yang within us, each side fighitng for control.
Both win some battles, but which will win the war?
Maybe thats all we truly are, equal parts of good and evil in a constant war from birth till death.
The affects these experiences have on us is what we perceive as our reality,
All of our failures and successes are mearly a glimpse inside of of us, revealing who won the day.

If there is a bit of truth to any of this, then the human race has been compromised.
And the only thing that is truly real is this existence of this eternal internal war.

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