Change is life

Change is life by Chance Hine
Throughout your life you change
Into a different person which comes with age
Which can be good, because you're moving forward
But time can and might become scary, outrageous, and absurd

When your life is getting to scary and fast
Just take a little breath and look into your past
And remember who you used to be
Because your the only one who can see
All the turmoil, heartache, and victory

Plan for the future but don't look forward to it
Because if you do that you'll ponder for days
While you lay down or sit for it

Instead of living day by day
Let it Surprise you
Instead of you waiting for the world to tell you your que
Make an outrageous impact that the world could surly use

And Remember what it took to get you where you are
And what all you had to do to get this far
This might sound ironic but yolo is right
Make the most everyday because it's your only life

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