Change It

We all make mistakes
A simple lie is all it takes

We try to live but are all expendable
Although our efforts are commendable

A proletariat works away
While a CEO has a chariot that awaits

Million can be made without lifting a finger
But 40 hours of labor barely makes enough to linger

We all deserve Liberty, we all deserve freedom
And we all try to be independent until we need 'em

Don't be afraid to ask for a hand
This country is falling apart, so take a stand

We must indict this country for all of its wrongs
And bring this country back to how it belongs

May God give us strength in our time of need
We must let all of society be freed

Make peace with all people, we are one of a kind
If you cannot see past skin color then you are truly blind

Give up the past and write a new history
So that how the world found harmony is yet a mystery

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