Change my world

I want to go away,
but where could I stay?
Could I go,
where nobody would know?

I want to scream,
but I want to dream.
Even if I took the blame,
it would still be the same.

I don't want to hear another lie.
Funny how everybody acts so sly.
I want to change the world,
but I'm only one girl.

So I'll start with mine.
No more hate; no more crime,
against my heart.
I won't be torn apart.

I'm going to walk far,
and raise my own bar.
I'm going to be smart,
and finally start,

that things will get better,
rather than stay bitter.

I wont choose sides,
and I wont hide.
I wont stoop low,
and I wont follow.

I will learn to smile,
and make my time worth while.
I wont just prove,
but I will move,

a crowd,
and make myself proud.
I need to be selfish.
I am no longer foolish.

I will raise my voice,
I have a choice.
I will not be rolled over,
or put in a corner.

Because now I can see,
I want to be me.

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