.As I sit at the last months of e end of my 20 a unknown scary new decade.  I  question the past ten years  what's different about me I question how many people are proud of the woman that I am m today.I  question if  people see  my growth. I question how  many  people are cheering for   I i know that I've changed but I still question myself. I question if I'm good enough. I question why my it's  been a  mixture of painful, happiness  and very  interesting journey  to becoming the person I am at this point. I question how many times i I've had failed or quit .I questions why I've  made so many mistakes?I question  the things I've said and the things I've done.  I question how more growing I have.I question what if i wasn't born? Im questioning my whole life.  The fact is i know I've grown up but still have so much more growing to do.I've done a lot of  things most people go their  whole life and don't get to do   I've been Alaska, Maine and the Grand canyon to name a few. Oh what fun  pain hurt happiness  I've experienced  things i wouldn't wish on my wrost enemies .Ive cried, laughed,i ve be broke and tore down  but yet  I'm still here. I am not ready for a new decade but i can't stop it from happening . I  will always question the why i just need to not question myself and remember. I've already  survived the horrible  parts of  life and i can survive the next decade no matter what. Goodbye forever 20's cheer to the memories. Kicking and screaming i say hello 30s its not a pleasure to meet you!

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