By DMAC   

Things are drastically different then the first day we met
When our need for each other left no room for regrets
We lived and we loved never thinking of consequence
Having no future to speak of loving each day til the next
With worthless job after job and even home after home
Not once did we consider we could end up alone
Not seeing the rareness in what we'd been given
Your urge to achieve marked the start to our tailspin
You just decided one day that we didn't have enough
Beginning that first mini war titled Money vs. Love
The first time you cracked me you looked right in my eyes
And still walked out the door ignoring my cries
The second time you broke me it had a different outcome
When you finally came back I had changed I was numb
That last time you shattered me and my resentment grew
Spinning thick like a spiderweb through the love we once knew
It was a sad realization knowing everything you sought
Was right there beside you but you could only be bought
It's now hard to believe money was never an issue
Until these last anniversaries I thought I was enough for you
Never once did I judge us on the possessions we had
Or felt we'd be happier with higher price tags
I don't think you remember when happiness was free
Life's lessons have changed you and filled you with greed
With our children all grown and now out of our home
We should be enjoying each other and not orgasms alone
Your ambition for wealth will be our final collapse
Ruining a fairy tale romance you never realized you had

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem in reference to how people change throughout relationships/marriages and not always in good ways. Some things that one may over look or take lightly throughout the years may be the very things that their significant others took straight to heart and at times could resurface and cause fresh wounds if not noticed and healed.