Changes Of Autumn

The wind is blowing through the pines;
Winter is coming in.
The sky is full of dark gray lines;
Snowfall will soon begin.

The leaves run fast along the ground;
The air is bitter cold.
The squirrel packs nuts by the pound,
As if collecting gold.

The Coyote sheds his summer coat;
The bat hides in the cave.
The duck floats like a little boat,
Upon the rolling wave.

The trees make a colorful blaze,
Of yellow, orange, and reds.
They brighten up the darkest days,
Before they shave their heads.

The night is longer than the day;
The fox can see his breath.
Mosquitoes that came out in May,
Finally meet their death.

The deer run all around the woods;
The rut is fully on.
The farmer harvests all his goods;
Frost will be seen at dawn.

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