Changing Our Ways

I have noticed oceans become motionless just from your presence
being near.

I truly admire the love and care you can give,
with you around there is nothing left to fear.

You can turn the tides of war with simply
all the peace you have to give.

Just like the calm, simplistic power of forgiveness
we learn to repent for the faults of the lives we had once lived.

Sweet existence of winter's stale air,
with a multitude of hearts all beating in tune.

Simplistic knowledge and self-awareness present
just like heat in the month of June.

We can make a change and take charge of this world,
so we can call it ours again.

First and foremost, we must change our cynical ways,
which are full of nothing but lies and sin.

Will you take a chance on me, listen and heed the words I say?

For if we were to continue living without learning.

I fear a hole would tear into the world's heart
and there it would forever stay.

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